Drum filters and oxygen cones production
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The company has its own production facilities in Belgorod (Russia)
The company has been manufacturing water treatment equipment since 1996. Our products are in demand on Russian and Global markets
Manufacturer’s warranty for all products from the catalogue
0% VAT for international deals


Drum filters and oxygen cones directly from the manufacturer. The production is certified for compliance with the International Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015 "Development, production, sales and service of equipment for the purification of liquids for industrial household and medical needs."

Drum filters

The drum filter is used to filter water or other liquids, in closed circuits, on fish farms, in utilities, oil refineries, food production, for wine material separation into fractions, etc. Drum filters differ in several parameters, including the key ones: flow rate and type (open/closed).

Oxygen cones

An oxygen cone is used to saturate water with oxygen in closed circuits and recirculating aquaculture system - RAS in order to create aerobic conditions. Oxygen cones differ in several parameters, including the key ones: capacity and type (pressure and non-pressure oxygen cones). 

Our production

The company employs high-class specialists with many years of experience in the design and manufacture of water treatment equipment. The backbone of the company is formed by the design department and the production workshop, thanks to their close cooperation, constant work is being carried out to master new equipment.


Livam has the entire production cycle of drum filters and oxygen cones: from rolled steel processing to finished products assembly. Well-equipped work stations have been organized at each stage: CNC machines, laser cutting, rolling, bending machines. Argon-arc welding is applied.
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