Drum filters and oxygen cones production
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Ponds and artificial reservoirs are daily polluted by external factors. Various debris gets into the water, in the form of leaves, twigs, dust and others, which pollutes the pond. In addition, the waste products of animals and microorganisms living in the reservoir, parts of aquatic plants remain in the reservoir. All this decays, falls on the bottom as silt. Bacteria and fungi are actively developing in it, significantly reducing the amount of oxygen in the reservoir, the water blooms.

To clean the ponds and restore the normal oxygen concentration in the water, mechanical cleaning with drum filters is used. For large reservoirs with a water volume of 2000 m3 or more, drum mesh filters with a capacity of 100 m3 or more are used. To ensure the required water purity, a one-time change (turnover) of water in the pond is required during the day. Based on this criterion, as well as knowing the volume of water in the reservoir, it is easy to calculate the required filter performance. The drum filter is the most convenient and effective when cleaning large ponds and reservoirs. The filter control unit provides automatic switching on and off without requiring the presence of an operator. Cleaning the filter from contamination is carried out by automatically supplying water to the nozzles, followed by washing the filter mesh and removing sludge into the sewer, i.e. also without the presence of staff. To improve the efficiency of water treatment, it is recommended to use several pumps for water intake, installed in different parts of the pond.

You can also use an ultraviolet disinfection module with a mesh drum filter. It should be noted that the UV module can only be used after the drum filter, because UV radiation will be effective only in transparent water, free from impurities.

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